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A down day on the markets?  Analysts say blame the machines.

“The machines started the sell-off yesterday, buy now retail investors are calling up their advisers…” said Heather Zumarraga, a vice president of Vision 4 Fund Distributors.

Financial Analyst: Trade War Hurts China, EU More Than US

President Donald Trump’s call for a $12 billion subsidy to farmers is only a short-term solution as the United States aims toward zero tariffs, …

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New APA Guidelines stir debate over what it means to be a man in America

He says the ad garnered criticism from commentators, including Heather Zumarraga, complaining it was bashing men.

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Pelosi: Companies Tax Cut Bonuses for workers amount to ‘crumbs.’

On “Your World,” financial analyst Heather Zumarraga said a $1,000 bonus may be “crummy” to Pelosi — one of the wealthiest members of Congress — but it’s certainly not to everyday Americans.

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Does Wall Street say goodbye to his tie?  

Other experts believe that the decision of Goldman Sachs is completely wrong. “The new dress code is a bad idea,” says Heather Zumarraga, an analyst at Vision 4. 

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Trump wants $1.5T infrastructure spending boost, cuts to red tape

“Every federal dollar should be leveraged by partnering with state and local governments…”

The Washington Post

Stocks’ volatility after long climb reflects fresh jitters about the global economy

“We’re the best house in a bad neighborhood,” said Heather Zumarraga, a markets contributor for CNBC…

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“Under 40 Power Issue,” April 2015

“Abraham Lincoln.  He rose to the top through sheer ambition and hard work.  Like George Washington, Lincoln demonstrated strength of character and demonstrated a skilled leadership style combined with kindness and compassion.”

Beware of Bull Market, SunAmerica Funds’ Hughes Warned on CNBC

SunAmerica Funds VP Heather Zumarraga urged confident investors to be wary of the recent bull market on CNBC’s “Closing Bell” Monday.

This isn’t a dead-cat bounce, equities are going higher, trader says

Cuttone & Company said in an interview with CNBC’s “Closing Bell” Friday… Heather Zumarraga, vice president of SunAmerica Funds, agrees.

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Countdown to summer: “The most exhilarating experience an American can have.”

Best in Flight Aviation Academy operates out of Morristown, NJ.  Heather Zumarraga is getting her pilot’s license…

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The Hook Spring Fashion Issue – Simply eclectic.

The look this spring is a cornucopia of romantic, vintage, and classic styles.  The overall mood: simply eclectic.

Wrapping up the year: Analyst predictions for 2016

Of course, that’s affecting commodity prices, as well…” Heather Zumarraga of SunAmerica Funds told CNBC’s “Closing Bell” on Thursday.